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My Greatest Teacher Beloved Holy Spirit

My Greatest Teacher Beloved Holy Spirit propagates that the Holy Spirit replaces historicity with eternal JESUS dwelling in an individual. This book lets every human confirm God’s real will that in the spirit he receives the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus of Nazareth greater than knowing. The book, an easy English letter, sharpens and enriches Christians with everlasting energy, glory and liberty the Holy Spirit ministers within; commends Him to herald God as the loving Father Who indwells every heart. Faith in Jesus, the Saviour, as pure as gold is, metamorphoses a reader into a Christian of God’s life of righteousness in the Holy Spirit who indomitably fetters Satan who causes death, sufferings, fear and frustration, violence, diseases asthma, cancer, HIV, arthritis, diabetic, deafness, blindness, paralysis, spiritual infirmities, oppressions and all the like. Faith in Jesus gives humans a perfect victory with peace and joy of God’s Kingdom dismissing Satan’s deception of world’s propagated knowledge, thoughts, ideas, imagination, theories, opinions and conjectures. This book, an efficacious weapon, replaces confusions and fogginess of thoughts from today’s teens, youths and adults of modern communities with faith and builds them ingenious Word loving Christians (Jesus’ joint-heirs) like priest, leader and minister who perform signs, wonders and miracles of healing inspired by Richard Tapas Adhikary’s noted testimonies of Beloved Holy Spirit, as his wonderful Strengthener, Advocate, Helper, Teacher, Standby, Intercessor and Comforter.